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Customer Services


Purchasing Orders can be placed via telephone at: (626)303-8876 or Fax to (626)303-8896 or simply email us at customerservice@hopefulusa.com with your name, contact phone, the item number and description. We will then contact you for payment information and shipping destination.

Pricing and Packaging Hopeful Enterprise Inc. reserves the right to make changes to the selling prices at any time without prior notice. Prices quotation and applicable are specified as on quote. All items are sold in full case packs, or when available, in the inner or master case packs at the indicated prices.

Shipping Charges All items are sold FOB from our warehouse in Los Angeles, California, therefore the buyer is responsible for all the shipping costs including fuel surcharges and/or additional services.

International Shipping Charges

We seek the most economical shipping rates available; however, international shipments require the assistance of freight forwarders. We assist and coordinate with freight forwarders, but all arrangements will be the responsibility of the individual customer. Moreover, we will not be liable for any shipping charges or foreign taxes and custom duties that may be added to the international shipments.

Terms & Conditions All payments must be received in full before shipment. Terms of payment are subject to credit approval by Hopeful Enterprise Inc., which may in its sole discretion at any time change the terms of buyer’s credit.

We accept checks (company's and cashier's checks - sorry no personal checks), cash, wire transfers and money orders, a $30 fee will be charged for every bounced check.

An additional of 3% service charge calculated on the unpaid balance will be added to the total amount due. Hopeful Enterprise Inc. may pursue any legal action or equitable remedies to collect an unpaid balance, all attorney fees, court costs, and expenses of collection shall be added to the balance due.

Additional Charges Standard truck delivery is to a dock facility designed to receive freight. Someone must be present to accept truck deliveries because the driver is not obligated to assist with offloading. To avoid any "unexpected additional charges" it is important you check off or write down any special instructions or shipping requirements you have during submission of your order.

*We will do our best to accommodate all our clients to ensure complete satisfaction with their purchases

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